Checkup Inspection

Home Health Checkup Inspection

Checklist for Home Maintenance Every Year Because your home is your largest investment, as it is for the majority of Americans, it must be maintained. Home maintenance can be intimidating, especially for a first-time homeowner who has never seen, let alone seen a drain. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, though. A house changes with the seasons, waking up in the spring and hibernating in the winter. Follow this natural arc throughout the year and pay attention to the details, and your home will run like a well-oiled machine.  We perform this check twice yearly in the fall and spring. If we find any issues we will recommend a contractor they get the problem corrected.  

The checkup includes the inside and the outside of the house and is a reoccurring charge of $99 a year until the subscription is canceled. If there are any issues found you will get a report and pictures and forward leads to trusted contractors the correct the problem.